June 24, 2012

Bulldogs unleash on Raiders

The heavens held back their onslaught of rain and wind long enough to allow the Bellingham Bulldogs to take on the Portland Raiders Saturday, June 23rd at a soggy Civic Field. Standing pools of water in the end zone did not deter the Bulldogs from entering numerous times over the course of the game. Portland, out number nearly three to one, could not withstand the furry of Bellingham's football machine. Touchdowns struck like lightning, raining down on the end zone in a combination of ground and areal attack. The Bulldogs defense stood like a great wall preventing the Raiders from crossing midfield throughout the first half. The Raiders showed guts as they clawed their way to a score late in the fourth quarter but the undermanned Portland squad, many playing both ways, was swallowed up by the black hole that is Bulldogs football. Final score 49-8. Click here to view photos from the game.

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